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Vv SkiVvys  are Beautiful, Waterproof, Leak and Stain Resistant Underwear for girls and women.

Women are now able to stand up with confidence any day of the month, and feel pretty at the same time!

Vv SkiVvys offer women discreet protection. The outside is a soft cotton fabric and the inside features a darker colored wicking fiber to pull moisture away from the body. They can be worn as regular underwear. Vv SkiVvys are Eco Friendly, Machine Wash & Dry. Until now, there has not been a product like this on the market.

Did you know... It is estimated that 65 million people have incontinence; with 2 changes a day equaling 47,450,000,000 adult diapers in our landfills every year, the EPA guesses it would take 400 YEARS to decompose! Not only are Vv Skivvy’s pretty and effective (for occasional leaking, or mild to moderate incontinence when worn with a pad or liner), they are kind to our planet and made in the USA!

In addition, the company is dedicated to 'paying it forward' and has chosen the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation to be one of its "Forever Givers" charities. This means that parent company Vv Apparel will donate 15% of product sales to the the MSF when the promo code 4MSF2U is entered AND the customer will receive a 10% discount on their order for using the code.

GO TO for more info, product selection, pricing and ordering - and, don't forget our PROMO CODE to receive your discount and to support the MSF: 4MSF2U


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