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Symptom Management


The use of pressure of the fingers and hands for massage and to stimulate qi (vital energy) flow throughout the body. It is used well with tension and stress ailments. Acupuncture - The use of thin needles to restore energy balances. It is believed that the body has special channels of energy, called meridians, running throughout the body. By stimulating special points on these meridians with acupuncture needles, energy balance is restored to normal functioning.

Alexander Technique

An educational technique, rather than a therapeutic technique, that teaches a method of adjusting body postures and movement to relieve damaging stresses.


The therapeutic use of bee venom to help alleviate pain and various conditions.

Applied Kinesiology

A science that tests nerve and muscle groups throughout the body to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the various organ systems. It is also used to determine the body's receptivity to various remedies thereby assisting health restoration. Additional modalities like nutrition, massage, and acupressure are then added for treatments. Bee Sting


See Apitherapy Chiropractic - A technique of manipulating and adjusting the spine to restore normal flow of nerve function throughout the spinal column to heal and to alleviate p Homeopathy - The field of medicine that treats disease and restores health by giving minute amounts of medicinal substances that would produce the same symptoms of the disease in healthy persons. This field uses the principle that "like cures like."

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

See Oxygen Therapy

Magnetic Field Therapy

The use of magnets and electromagnetic fields for medical treatments of many conditions including pain and stress. There is current ongoing research in this field.

Music and Sound Therapy

The use of sounds and music to promote health through its calming and soothing effects and through energizing effects on the central nervous system. It is being widely spread for use in hospitals and schools. Treatment programs have been used for stress reduction, pain alleviation, improvements in movement, balance, and cognition, and promotion of strength and endurance.

Oxygen Therapy

The use of oxygen to destroy pathogens in the body through oxygenation or oxidation. The use of oxygen therapy in the United States is controversial, even though use in Europe is wide spread. The legal use of oxygen therapy varies from state to state.


A therapy that utilizes motion and soft stretching and rotations to promote relaxation and to improve flexibility and range of motion.

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Health and Well Being - diet, exercise, herbs, vitamins, apitherapy, hyperbaric oxygen

Stress - massage, reflexology, meditation, guided imagery, biofeedback, tai chi, yoga

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