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The Importance of Clinical Trials
The Search For A Cause of MS
MS and Autoimmune Thyroiditis
Making Sense of MS Research (Transcript)
The Genetic Connection
Shades of Gray: MS Misconceptions, Misunderstandings, and Misinterpretations
15 Years of MS Therapy
What About the Side Effects?
Oral Medications for MS Treatment
The Potential Role of Chemokines in Remyelination
The Medication Solution Assists in Restoring Emotional Health
Fampridine SR - One Step Closer to Becoming a Reality
Exploring Our Differences: African Americans and MS
When Medication Stops Working or Causes Complications: It's Time to Switch
The Changing Face of MS
Examining the Ampyra™Experience By: Daniel Kantor, M.D.
Emergies Therapies Teleconference with Dr. Aaron Boster
LDN: Miracle or Myth?
The Next Chapter in MS Care
Prescription Pain Relief
What to Expect from Your MS Disease-Modifying Drug

192 News found
10/20/2016     Study suggests MS drug may reverse some physical disability
10/19/2016     New research strengthens genetics, MS link
08/11/2016     Study shows treating early symptoms may delay MS onset
08/02/2016     Groups seek support for National Bladder Health Month measure
07/21/2016     Study suggests antibody may have therapeutic effect on MS
07/13/2016     Researchers find gut bacteria, MS link
07/11/2016     Researchers seek participants for bladder products usage survey
07/08/2016     Study finds hippocampus inflammation, depression link
07/01/2016     New study suggests MS risk, obesity link
06/29/2016     FDA grants Priority Review for ocrelizumab
06/24/2016     Researchers image neuroinflammation in MS mouse model
06/22/2016     New study links four genes to MS
06/20/2016     Study suggests microbleeds, MS disability link
06/14/2016     New stem cell treatment shows promise in MS
06/02/2016     FDA approves Zinbryta for use in MS treatment
06/01/2016     Study suggests gene, immune cell deregulation link in MS
06/01/2016     Study finds genetic link to progressive form of MS
05/17/2016     Study finds gut bacteria, MS link in kids
05/11/2016     Findings suggest gut bacteria, diet may influence brain inflammation
04/25/2016     Study suggests targeting metabolites for MS treatment
04/20/2016     Researchers seek people with primary progressive MS for survey
04/19/2016     Study: Cognitive remediation may be a mouse click away
04/15/2016     Researchers suggest antihistamine has remyelinating potential
03/31/2016     Study finds greater role for environment in MS
03/30/2016     Study suggests cyclotide may delay MS symptoms
03/24/2016     Researchers seek subjects for survey of MS patients who are not on MS medications
03/15/2016     Study: Elevated MS risk related to vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy
03/10/2016     Brain-training video games may help MS patients
02/18/2016     Researchers seek participants for mothers and MS study
02/17/2016     FDA puts ocrelizumab on fast track
02/11/2016     Study authors find brain lesion, taste problem link
02/10/2016     Natural protein may protect against inflammation
02/05/2016     Infertility Treatments May Significantly Increase MS Activity
01/27/2016     Protein regulator may play inflammation role
01/05/2016     Taking Vitamin D May Benefit People with MS
12/14/2015     Study suggests possible inside-out origin for MS
12/03/2015     Enzyme may hold key to new MS treatments
12/01/2015     Study: Estriol helps reduce relapses, protects brain in women with MS
10/29/2015     Study suggests new B cell role in MS
10/23/2015     Study finds fatty acids may play key role in MS
10/21/2015     Study finds molecule that may inhibit MS progression
10/12/2015     Sun exposure, weight may play roles in MS onset
10/09/2015     Test may predict cognitive performance
10/05/2015     Study: Cladribine doesn’t pose cancer risk in MS patients
10/02/2015     Experimental drug may spur myelin repair
09/29/2015     Researchers seek participants for MS, parenting study
09/28/2015     Ocrelizumab effective in people with primary progressive MS
09/24/2015     Antibody agitation may improve cognition
09/17/2015     Study: Smoking speeds up MS progression
09/16/2015     Study shines more light on MS, melatonin link
09/15/2015     Research firm seeks study participants
09/09/2015     Assistance Available for Individuals Switching to Glatopa™
08/27/2015     Genetic study strengthens reduced vitamin D, MS link
08/11/2015     Genetics, gender key to salt, MS link
08/10/2015     New method could reduce MS uncertainties
08/03/2015     Copaxone RRMS online survey seeks participants
07/29/2015     Researchers seek MS participants for online survey
07/21/2015     Study shows lifespan, MS duration link
07/08/2015     Study implicates brain network links, slow cognitive speed
07/02/2015     Ocrelizumab makes strong showing in OPERA studies
06/29/2015     A new study casts doubt on MS indicators
06/16/2015     Cleaved cell fragments possible MS marker
06/11/2015     Study links inflammation, MS genetic variant
06/08/2015     Lipid mediator linked to good cholesterol may reduce inflammation
06/04/2015     Newly discovered vessels link brain, immune system
06/01/2015     Study: Innate lymphoid cells key to female MS susceptibility
05/29/2015     New study finds survival gap for people with MS
05/27/2015     MS and psychological growth survey seeks participants
05/21/2015     Scientists fault gene mutation for inflammation
05/14/2015     Cytokines make key difference in MS researchers say
05/05/2015     21th Century Cures Act advances in U.S. House
04/30/2015     Researchers implicate chemical in MS
04/28/2015     Two drugs show promise in remyelination
04/23/2015     Relapses, disability progression linked to stopping meds
04/21/2015     Communications, partnership keys to satisfaction in MS patient care
04/20/2015     Biogen drug shows remyelination potential
04/16/2015     FDA approves first generic Copaxone
04/15/2015     Processing speed deficit reduces memory technique effectiveness
04/08/2015     Treadmill exercise found to offer cognitive benefits
04/01/2015     Imaging procedure may clarify disease progression
03/23/2015     New molecule may lead to inflammation inhibitor
03/06/2015     Study: Genetic variant may be MS risk factor
03/02/2015     Nutrient levels may be key ingredient for MS patients
03/02/2015     New study suggests coffee, reduced MS risk link
02/19/2015     Researcher seeks minorities with MS for survey
02/12/2015     Stem cell treatment outperforms mitoxantrone in reducing new lesions
02/10/2015     Documentation of MS progression may lead to new treatment options
02/02/2015     Biogen, Google team up in MS effort
01/27/2015     iConquerMS initiative offers introductory webinar
01/23/2015     Cell transplant therapy shows improvement in MS disability
01/12/2015     Studies erode vaccination, MS link
01/08/2015     Study: Two years most effective measure of NEDA status
01/05/2015     Stem cell therapy may hold key to MS treatment
12/08/2014     Study: Rogue proteins may be linked to MS
12/02/2014     Fingolimod trial for PPMS does not meet primary endpoint
12/01/2014     iConquerMS offers Big Data enhancement to MS research
11/24/2014     Immune programming cells may hold key to new treatments
11/20/2014     Study: Myelin mouse model may not apply to humans
11/15/2014     Lemtrada Receives FDA Approval for MS
11/12/2014     Study: Key protein reduces MS severity in mice
11/05/2014     First patient enrolls in Phase II trial to evaluate vatelizumab
10/31/2014     New study links immune system, MS cause
10/28/2014     Biogen reports death of patient taking Tecfidera
10/22/2014     Study finds no long-term link between vaccines, MS
10/09/2014     Harvard Mindfulness Lab seeks participants for MS study
09/25/2014     Study finds processing speed, cognitive deficit link
09/22/2014     New drug candidate shows promise in treating MS
09/10/2014     Refined MRI technique finds link between gray matter demyelination and MS severity
09/09/2014     Scientists find MS, intestinal barrier link
09/03/2014     Immune cell conversion may hold key to new MS treatments
08/29/2014     Researchers find salt intake, MS link
08/28/2014     Wii training may help MS patients regain balance
08/18/2014     FDA approves Plegridy for MS patients
08/14/2014     Researcher finds possible incompatibility between MS, HIV
07/15/2014     Cleveland Clinic Uses iPad as Assessment Tool for MS Patients
07/15/2014     Teva Tries to Combat Generic Drug Competition
06/18/2014     Audio Available from MS Research Update Teleconference
04/07/2014     Genzyme to Resubmit Lemtrada™ Application for FDA Review
04/03/2014     Supreme Court to Rule on Copaxone® Patent Dispute
03/19/2014     Plegridy™ Review Extended for Three Months
02/14/2014     Blocking Protein Could Lead to Myelin Repair
02/04/2014     FDA Approves Three-Times-a-Week Copaxone 40mg/mL
01/14/2014     Grant to Study Effectiveness of Vitamin A in Treating MS
01/13/2014     Antioxident Shows Promise in Fight Against MS
01/03/2014     Lemtrada™ Fails to win Approval
12/31/2013     MRI Method for Measuring MS Progression Validated
12/18/2013     Molecular Sensor May Detect MS Prior to Symptoms
12/18/2013     Study Suggests Vitamin D Alters Course of Harmful Cells
12/05/2013     Vaccine to Prevent MS Shows Promise in Small Study
12/05/2013     University Receives Major Grant to Study Cognitive Intervention
11/08/2013     Bacterium may Trigger MS
10/02/2013     Study Refines Genetic Landscape of MS
08/14/2013     FDA Approves Neural Stem Cell Clinical Trial
05/06/2013     MS Risk Appears to be Higher for African Americans than Caucasians
03/27/2013     Oral Medication Tecfidera™ Approved for Relapsing MS
03/21/2013     Breaking News from AAN 65th Annual Meeting
01/24/2013     Injectable Drug Demonstrates Efficacy with Reduced Dosing Schedule
01/04/2013     Rebif Single-Use Auto-Injector Approved
11/19/2012     Re-Educating Immune Cells May Halt MS Progression
11/05/2012     Blocking Enzyme May Allow Remylination
09/21/2012     Latest BG-12 Trial Results Show Significant Benefit
09/13/2012     Another Oral Medication Approved for Relapsing MS
07/18/2012     Interferon Beta May not Slow MS Progression According to New Study
06/18/2012     Study Identifies Gene Linked to Vitamin D Deficiency
06/14/2012     Fertility Treatment Tied to Higher Relapse Rate in Women with MS
06/13/2012     Another MS Drug Application Submitted for FDA Approval
06/12/2012     Video Coverage of the European Neurological Society 2012 Meeting
05/10/2012     FDA Alerts on Potential Dangers of “Liberation Therapy” for CCSVI
04/24/2012     Novartis Updates U.S. Label on Gilenya®
04/16/2012     Gilenya® Role in PML Diagnosis Unclear
03/08/2012     Pregnancy May Cut Risk of Developing MS
02/28/2012     BG-12 New Drug Application Submitted
01/20/2012     European Medicines Agency Strengthens Gilenya Guidelines While Review Underway
12/12/2011     Investigation Underway into Death of Gilenya Patient
12/09/2011     Genetic Clue to MS Identified
12/08/2011     Brain Biopsies Yield Clues to MS Course
10/31/2011     Friendly Gut Bacteria May Play Role in Triggering MS
10/26/2011     BG-12 Moves Forward with Positive Data from Late-Stage Trials
10/18/2011     Circadian Disruption may Contribute to MS Development in Youth
08/17/2011     Research Identifies How Vitamin D Combats MS
08/16/2011     Anti-Inflammatory Agents Silence Overactive Immune Response
08/11/2011     Number of Genes Linked to MS More than Doubles
06/10/2011     Study Suggests Shingles Nearly Quadruples MS Risk in Asia
06/08/2011     Research Examines Cellular Events that May Lead to MS
05/19/2011     Estrogen Receptors Play Anti-Inflammatory Role in the Brain
04/27/2011     Blocking Crucial Molecule Could Help Treat Multiple Sclerosis
04/27/2011     Common Virus Plus Low Sunlight Exposure May Increase Risk of Multiple Sclerosis
04/13/2011     Gilenya™ Reduces Risk of MS Disability Progression Regardless of Treatment History
04/13/2011     New Study Results Cast Doubt on Theory that CCSVI Causes MS
04/12/2011     Late-Stage Trial of Oral BG-12 for Relapsing-Remitting MS Shows Postive Results
04/11/2011     Oral Drug for MS Significantly Reduces Disease Activity and Slows Disability in Long-Term Study
03/24/2011     Stem Cells May Show Promise for People with Rapidly Progressing MS
02/24/2011     Warmer Weather Hampers Thinking Skills in People with MS
02/17/2011     Study Results Provide More Clues to Understanding the Pathology of MS
02/11/2011     More evidence that Vitamin D affects MS risk
01/20/2011     Plasma Exchange Effective In Treating Severe MS Relapses
11/24/2010     Toxin and Potential MS Treatment Focus of Research
11/19/2010     Researchers Make Surprising Discovery While Testing MS Pain Remedy
09/22/2010     First Oral Treatment for MS Approved by FDA
08/04/2010     New Studies Fail to Link CCSVI and MS
07/20/2010     Gut Bacteria and the MS Connection
06/30/2010     Study of “Liberation Treatment” to Launch in Buffalo
06/11/2010     Gilenia Gets Stamp of Approval From Advisory Panel to FDA
06/10/2010     Steroids Reduce Postpartum Relapses in Study
05/03/2010     Biomarkers Test for MS Nine Years Before Symptoms Appear
03/11/2010     FDA Approves Botox to Treat Spasticity in Flexor Muscles of the Elbow, Wrist and Fingers
03/10/2010     Study Implicates Epstein-Barr Virus in Development of MS
02/16/2010     Study Combining Daclizumab with Interferon Beta Treatment Brings Positive Results
02/10/2010     One of First CCSVI Studies Releases Preliminary Results
08/17/2009     Novartis Version of Betaseron to Hit Market This Fall
06/03/2009     Diabetes Drug Shows Potential in Treating MS
06/03/2009     Share Your Health Care Story

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Deciding Which Disease Modifiying Therapy is Right for You with Dr. Daniel Kantor - March 5th, 2013 Teleconference.
MS Treatments and Symptom Management with Dr. Daniel Kantor - March 13th, 2012 Teleconference
Emerging Therapies Teleconference with Dr. Aaron Boster - March 2nd, 2011 Teleconference
Emerging Therapies Teleconference with Dr. Aaron Boster - March 3rd, 2011 Teleconference
The Medication Solution Assists in Restoring Emotional Health
The Changing Face of MS
Exploring Our Differences: African Americans and MS
When Your Medication Stops Working or Causes Complications: It's Time to Switch
Fampridine SR - One Step Closer to Becoming a Reality
The Potential Role of Chemokines in Remyelination
What About the Side Effects?
Shades of Gray: MS Misconceptions, Misunderstandings, and Misinterpretations
MS Drugs in the Pipeline
Connectivity Among Autoimmune Diseases,Including MS

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