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Magazines and Newsletters

The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation offers three informative periodical publications, designed for MS patients, their families, and care providers. Subscriptions are free of charge.

MSFocus Magazine

MSFocus magazine is published quarterly and is available at no cost to MS patients, relatives, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. It provides practical information on research, alternative healthcare, coping techniques, and quality of life issues.

Subscriptions are available by mail within U.S. only. International visitors may access the most recent issue online. For further information about the MSFocus magazine call the Program Services Department at 888-MSFOCUS (673-6287).

EmpowerSource Support Group News

EmpowerSource Support Group News is a quarterly publication featuring support groups around the country. The newsletter will provide information on the positive aspects of belonging to a support group and how to start a support. Included will be stories about special people who inspire others. Available by email or in print.


MSFYi is a concise Internet newsletter that presents the latest developments in MS research, alternative approaches to traditional treatment, prescription drug treatment, and tips for dealing with the daily challenges of this chronic illness. This monthly publication features news about the doctors who participate in our online forums, outstanding volunteers, Internet events that focus on MS, and provide links to other MS-related websites. Email only; not available in print.

In keeping with our Privacy Policy, the MSF will not share, sell, or trade your email address or other personal information with any other party.

Subscribe to MSF Movers & Shakers

Do you want to advocate for yourself and for the MS community but don't know where to start? Subscribe to Movers & Shakers! This advocacy e-newsletter will keep you up to date each month with the current issues facing the MS community, and provide helpful tips that will allow you to get more involved. No matter your level of involvement or activity, there's something everyone can do in Movers & Shakers!

Subscribe to MSF Announcements

Keep up-to-date with MSF's programs and services! Learn about new services, application deadlines, educational offerings in your area, and other important announcements from the MSF.

If your circumstances have changed and you no longer wish to receive our publications, please email

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