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Our MSF volunteers play an important role in creating “A Brighter Tomorrow”® for all people who are affected by MS. Their generous donations of time and talent go a long way in extending the reach of our programs and services into communities throughout the nation, and in raising public awareness of the disease. Whether they are hard at work eliciting financial support for the MSF or promoting understanding for those diagnosed with MS, our volunteers do make a difference by helping to improve the lives of others.

If you are considering becoming a valued MSF volunteer, there are many ways you can serve.  Here are just a few:

Events: Organizing and hosting an event in your area is a great way to raise funds for the MSF’s vital programs and services while promoting understanding of MS and those who are affected by it.  In the Fundraisers & Special Events section of this website, you can find some fun ideas and tips to help you get started, along with contact information for the MSF staff who will work with you as you plan the event.

Educational Programs: The MSF offers various programs that are designed to educate and empower people with MS, as well as their families, caregivers, and healthcare providers.  As a volunteer, you might help organize a workshop or seminar, bringing together local experts on MS together to speak on an informative topic. Perhaps you are a person who has MS and you are willing to share your personal story with others for inspiration.

Support Groups: The MSF has a network of more than 100 independent support groups nationwide that respond to the needs, problems and concerns of people with MS, as well as their friends and families. In addition to providing help to each other, MSF support groups are often active in fundraising and raising awareness of MS. If you are interested in forming a support group in your community, the MSF Independent Support Group Program will train you and provide ongoing support and guidance as your membership grows.

Not ready to host an event or start a support group on your own? Our Volunteer Coordinator can connect you with groups or events taking place in your area!

To join the MSF Volunteer Program, contact Nathalie Sloane at 800-225-6495 or

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