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Story Suggestions

Business: Rising Prescription Drug Costs - The average cost for of medication used to slow the progression of MS is more than $2,000 a month without insurance. Some treatments cost as much as $7,000 a month.

Living: New Technology – From a machine that uses an electric pulse to help people walk to a tiny dot that attaches to the forehead and allows paraplegics to surf the internet, new technology makes the losses from diseases like MS more bearable. 

Health: Parenting with a Chronic Condition – Most people diagnosed with MS, and many other autoimmune diseases, are of childbearing age. In addition to the normal parenting challenges, these men and women struggle to explain illness to their children, as well as care for their families in the face of their own disabilities.

News: The Wait for Disability Benefits –When many of the symptoms of a disease are invisible, or come and go, the process of acquiring disability benefits becomes more challenging. Many people with MS who can no longer work due to cognitive problems or other difficulties frequently wait two years – and endure more than one denial – before getting the benefits they need.

Health: MS—Now You See It, Now You Don’t - The symptoms of MS can come and go.  Other people with MS live with symptoms that are not visible.  To hear the comment, “Well you don’t look sick” can be very frustrating to someone who has MS.  Sometimes friends, family members and employers don’t understand symptoms such as fatigue, and mistakenly label the person with MS as lazy. 

ProfileYour Local MS Heroes - Around the country people are giving of their time and talents to help the MS cause.  They are setting up donor closets, forming support groups, lobbying for legislation.  In addition, the MSF has appointed ten MSF Ambassadors to work in different areas of the country promoting a campaign of MS awareness and education. Contact the MSF to see who in your community you might profile for your publication.

Survey:  Man-on-the-street interview on MS - What does an orange ribbon represent?  What is multiple sclerosis?  Take a random survey of dozens of people on the street and report your findings.  Then raise awareness by presenting some basic MS facts.  This is an excellent idea for National MS Education and Awareness Month® in March. 

Medical: MS Diagnosis Dilemma - Many people with MS go for years without getting the MS diagnosis they need.  This could happen for various reasons: many of the common symptoms of MS are also present in other diseases, the symptoms can come and go, and not all doctors are thoroughly familiar with MS.  This is critical, because getting on disease-modifying therapy soon after disease onset can slow progression. 

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