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A Special Partnership That Makes a Difference

Through the years, the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation has garnered broad support from individuals, families, and various organizations across the country. At the same time, we have been equally proud of our established relationships within the business community.

The MSF, though a charitable organization, conducts itself as a business and as such we share similarities with our commercially oriented counterparts. While other businesses strive to expand their place in a market or industry in order to generate profits, we are focused on expanding our outreach to those impacted by multiple sclerosis. Our funds are used to provide free programs and services to help people maintain their health, safety, self-sufficiency, and personal well-being. Simply put, the more revenue we have the broader our outreach. In both cases, marketing plays an important role in order to achieve goals.

As a non-profit organization that understands marketing and relationship-building, the MSF is positioned to work closely with the business community in creating successful mutually beneficial strategies. We welcome opportunities to develop new corporate partnerships that reflect the MSF’s values and promise for a brighter tomorrow. Those opportunities can come in different forms.

Corporate Philanthropy - donating a portion of profits, or resources. Workplace giving, employer sponsored fundraising activities, and employer matching gifts are excellent strategies to get your staff involved in philanthropy. Re-enforces team concept, goodwill while and enhancing productivity and morale.

Co- Branding - or brand partnerships, is an alliance to promote a product or service with more than one brand name. Partnering with the MSF can help to establish an emotional connection to your brand knowing that it is aligned with a cause that provides assistance to thousands of people throughout the U.S.

Cause Marketing is a type of marketing relationship that involves efforts from both a corporation and a non-profit organization for mutual benefit often promoting the charitable cause. In today’s world, building trust and loyalty with consumers is becoming more and more important! In addition, they expect companies to participate in cause marketing efforts and to seek contributions that will positively impact their surrounding communities. Cause marketing is a way for your company to increase sales while generating awareness and funding back to the MSF.

Product Endorsements: The MSF welcomes inquiries from the business sector for new opportunities to develop national and regional strategies for endorsement relationships that both promotes awareness of the MSF’s mission and provides direct benefits to our programs and services while enhancing corporate goodwill and publicity within a given marketplace. Consideration is given to worthwhile products and services that enjoy a reputation for value, relevance, and widespread public acceptance.

Many consumers don't just shop by price alone. They want to know more about the company that stands behind the product or service. Quality, reputation, and corporate values go hand-in-hand. In fact, studies have shown that a substantial majority of Americans would likely switch from one brand to another if the other brand is associated with a good cause.

Philanthropy is good for business. Let’s share ideas on developing an effective strategic alliance tailored for you and the MSF.

To benefit from these partnership opportunities, please contact Nathalie Sloane, Fund Development Director at 800-225-6495 or

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