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  • i was diagnosed 9/09. my left side is mainly affected. i am having a tingling numb sensation in my right leg and it gets stiff. it last for a few min. and then relaxes. but still has a wierd sensation in it . should i be worried? i do not have a neurologist at this time. looking for one.
  • Why do I not have any relaspes going on but I am having a terrible time with fatigue. I do take lexapro for deppression. Is my lexapro not working anymore or is there another reason for the constant fatique?
  • Besides the copaxone injection and a b-complex vitamin, what can I do to get my cognitive abilities back so that I can go back to work??
  • How far away is the mylein repair clinical trials or the NoGo clinical trial?
  • Tingling numbness cold feet at times. On a med that is for seizures I have no history of seizures, it is to help with this but not. Suggestion on something else. Also have a bugling disc between C -4 & 5. Was a big walker up to 4 or 5 miles that all changed bout a year ago . Diagnosed with ms this year in January. Thinking is this all coming from my neck. If I lay flat on hard floor my feet legs are fine and no symptoms. But no one listens to this. Also 1997 had gastric bypass yes my vit D levels do go low and on 50'000 units every week. Need suggestions looking at all 3 things.
  • Is there anything that I can do to help the fatigue? Sometimes it overwelms me.
  • Are headaches/migraines a common MS symptom?
  • I have RRMS. A week or so ago I woke up with pain in behind my right eye. It even hurt to blink. I had blurred vision as well. This lasted for three days. Does this mean I had an exacerbation?
  • It is my understanding that if a person has thyroid disease they are a good candidate for MS. I believe I have a lot of the symptoms such as: muscle spasm of leg, muscle weakness of leg, difficulty urinating, dizziness, problems with balance, depression, forgetful, unable to concentrate, feeling stupid.
  • i was given positive diagnosis of ms 2 days ago. i also have type 2 diabetes. we are having a terrible time getting under control. how do i manage both of these?
  • I have been on betaseron for nearly two yrs, I had a recent MRI Brain that shows a new 4 mm lesion in the left thalamic area of my brain, does this mean the meds stopped working? Thanks.
  • I've heard of a woman with m.s. becoming pregnant and all symptoms of m.s. disappeared while she was pregnant. Can you explain? Also, is any research being done on things such as this?
  • Other than Neurontin, what can I take for nerve pain? Would Estrogen therapy help?
  • I have been diagnosed with chorioretinitis (lesions in my left eye in the choroid behind the retina) i have lesions in my brain my neurologist says probable MS , my Ophthalmologist tested my blood for herpes syphilis toxoplasmosis and lupus also lyme disease all came back negative so could the choioretinitis be ms related? I am from a little city and alot of people who have ms here go to Dallas for treatment, I am going to be referred to us southwestern . but until I go there was just curious because I don't have optic neuritis just choroiretinitis.
  • What excise can i do to get rid of my pain. Since i was told that i have MS i have alot of pain back, numbness and my legs burn?
  • Should a person currently on Betaseron receive the Zostavax vaccine since it is a live vaccine?
  • I was recently diagnosed with MS but I have no physical symptoms. I have several cerebral lesions the largest is located parallel to my ventricles. When can I expect to have symptoms? Is it possible for me to never be symptomatic?
  • why would a doctor use chemotherapies on somone with ms that is not real bad?
  • Can I get pregnant though I have MS?
  • Does stress affect multiple sclerosis?
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