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Adopt a Program

Below is a brief description of the programs and services the MSF provides to meet the many needs of individuals living with MS. When you adopt-a-program, your donation is earmarked to that specific program, allowing us to help more people.

 MSF Assistance programs

Home Care Grants offers light housekeeping, meal preparation, transportation, and respite services. Short-term physical, occupational or speech therapy may be arranged, as needed. Client advocacy, consultation, networking, information, referrals, family support, and crisis intervention are also provided.

Homecare Assistance Grant Program provides one-time assistance to MS patients who are struggling financially. Requests, including those for emergency assistance and costs associated with health-related MS care, are considered on a case-by-case basis. Every effort is made to first locate community, state, and national agencies to provide the needed assistance. In cases where other agencies are not available, MSF may provide the needed assistance.

Assistive Technology provides a wide range of mobility and safety aids including portable ramps, wheelchairs, hand controls, speaker phones, leg braces, eyeglasses, and more.

Computer Grant Program provides refurbished desktop computers for those who have MS and have limited or fixed incomes.  A monitor, keyboard and mouse is included, but internet access and technical support are the responsibility of the recipient.

Health and Wellness Program (HWP) features therapeutic resources known as Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).  Group and individual programs such as yoga, aquatics, fitness, exercise,pilates, tai-chi, and horseback riding are offered to those with MS that are unable to pay for programs that help maintain or improve their abilities. Referrals and educational materials are also offered free of charge.

Brighter Tomorrow Grants are awarded to individuals with MS to improve their quality of life by enhancing safety, self-sufficiency, comfort, or well-being. Applicants are asked to write a brief essay describing how the grant would offer them hope for “A Brighter Tomorrow.”®

Cooling offers a myriad of items, including bandanas, work collars, scull-pads, wristbands, and vests to help individuals with MS beat the heat. Get relief from heat-induced symptoms triggered by such variables as weather or exercising, allowing you to lead a more active and comfortable lifestyle.

Support Programs

National Toll-Free Helpline offers information and referrals from dedicated caseworkers and peer counselors who provide support specific to each person’s unique needs. Support services are available free of charge via phone, e-mail, written request, and in person.

Internet Forums address four specific areas. Individuals with MS may post questions and receive answers from healthcare professionals through Ask the Doctor. Those with MS may provide and receive advice and support from others affected by MS through Peer-to-Peer. Our MS Friends and Family forum provides a place for friends, family members, care partners, or significant others of someone living with MS to talk to others facing similar challenges.  In Voices, posters can share original stories, poems, and artwork inspired by MS.

Support Groups receive phone support, helpful start-up information and referrals, a bimonthly support group newsletter, and printed materials for promoting the group. All support groups affiliated with the MSF are self-governing and may list their group in the Independent Regional Support Group Directory on the MSF website.

We Care, We Call brings friendly phone calls into the homes of individuals desiring to talk to someone with MS who will understand their feelings and experiences. Volunteer peer counselors call periodically to offer encouragement and support.  

Women’s Wellness is an informative referral program emphasizing the importance of a healthy, proactive lifestyle. Educational materials and resources are available concerning all topics of interest to women with MS.

Men & MS provides support to men diagnosed with MS through the Toll-Free and Internet Helplines. Thought-provoking, informative articles of special interest to men appear in each issue of MSFocus magazine. 

Information & Education

Public Education & Awareness encompasses fun, innovative, educational programs for patients and their families, nurses, caregivers and physicians, via local workshops, regional seminars, and national teleconferences. Researchers, neurologists, and other MS experts share their knowledge during MS Education and Awareness Month™ and at various events and festivities throughout the year.

National MS Education and Awareness Month™ is a national effort, held each year during the month of March, by the MSF and affiliated groups to raise the public’s awareness about MS. The vital goals of this campaign are to promote an understanding of the scope of the disease as well as distribute information and resources that can assist those affected.

MSF Lending Library is lined with books, CDs, DVDs, audio, and visual materials that are available by mail across the U.S. at no cost. MSF pays postage to and from the borrower. Information is available about MS, symptom management, medications, diet, exercise, alternative therapy, disability, legal issues, and more.

MSFocus magazine, delivered quarterly, is free of charge to MS patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. Read upbeat, practical, informative articles on alternative and traditional healthcare, cutting edge research, symptom management, quality of life, and more. An audio version of MSFocus is also available for those with visual and other impairments associated with MS.

MSFYi Internet Newsletter concisely delivers the very latest in MS research, alternative therapies, prescription drug treatments, clinical trials, as well as helpful hints for living well with MS.

Multimedia Library offers an online collection of vital information presented in English and Spanish by renowned neurologists. Frequently asked questions are also addressed.

MSF Website is a comprehensive, reliable resource for MS information on the Internet. It serves as a link to the various programs and services of the MSF, as well as providing complete up-to-date information about MS, its symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options. Online services, ranging from clinical trial information to a monthly Internet support group, meet the needs of the MS community in innovative ways. The site is updated annually.

MSF Cruise for a Cause™ is an innovative program at sea, combining education with relaxation, fun, and accessible travel. While the MSF’s educational program is free of charge, passage on the ship is not. Your donations not only fund the program, but help to provide scholarships to a number of individuals each year so that they may benefit from this life-changing experience.

Grants and Endowments are provided by the MSF to universities, MS centers, and other organizations to actively promote quality of life and create a brighter tomorrow for those living with MS. This includes implementing or expanding MS Day Programs, diagnostic services, rehabilitation services, support services, social services, education, outreach, medical care, and research studies. Grants are also provided to community agencies and organizations to fund yoga, weight training, T’ai Chi, and aquatics programs.

For the past 23 years, improving quality of life and creating a brighter tomorrow for those living with MS and their families has been a rewarding and fulfilling experience. With your help, we can do so much more!

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